Thursday, April 2, 2009

welcome to my world

This horse was obedient enough to be handled...sort of. I had to herd her into a corner of her pen to get a halter on her. Then she would submit peacefully. Her idea of being led was as far from me as she could get and she rewarded all petting and grooming with biting and kicking.
We had several lively discussions about acceptable behavior and while she apparently had been properly trained at one time and got the point, it was not advisable to take an eye off of her while within range.

She was not impressed, but I cut off and pulled her nasty dry mane and gave her a proper haircut for a sport horse. While doing this she actually relaxed a little bit. Maybe no one had spent this much time this close to her for a while.
As skinny as she looks here, she was putting weight on fast, she was just shedding winter coat at the same time and her condition was becoming more visible. I added beet pulp to her diet. I had been told that she would not eat beet pulp, but she was scarfing down buckets full.


  1. She looks like she doing well and time will heal. I see you are a Life Coach, may I ask where you got certified?

  2. I was trained back in the 90s at two companies; Career Track in Boulder Co and Train the Trainer in Austin Tx. Neither of them exists anymore. My experience is mainly as a corporate coach, so when I decided to do this as a home based career I checked on all the certifications and schools and discovered that in order to be ICF certified you have to have evaluations from clients. Kind of a catch-22.
    So I am filling in current information with seminars (fortunately many of the big schools go on the road for seminars) and working with just one or two clients at a time.
    Colorado does not have certifications or testing for this business, so it is a matter of producing good results, happy clients and building with referrals. I plan to take advantage of a couple of schools that offer very different views on coaching, a little at a time.
    I hope to have everything come together by the end of this year and be able to pursue it as a full time job.

  3. A little more. I just put a webssite out onto the net. I haven't done anything yet to promote it or get it picked up by search engines. I have a couple of local clients that I am working with and don't want to get in over my head. I have a plan that moves everything forward very slowly but I am confident will work in the long run. The website is at
    I am looking for feed back on the site itself, especially before I start promoting it, so if you have any comments, feel free to let me know. My email for that site is at


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